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OUR PRODUCTS & services


Nothing says "Christmas" like the scent of a fresh-cut Fraser Fir.  At King's Christmas Trees, we offer a large selection of premium, pre-cut Christmas trees ranging in many different shapes and sizes.  We are aware that our customers have different preferences in tree orientation, so we guarantee that when visiting our tree lot, you will find the "perfect tree" with us!  We also want our customers to know that we do not have the same mindset of those big-box stores who charge a flat rate for their trees regardless of quality or height.  At King's Christmas trees, we feel that quality, age of the tree, size and overall presentation should determine the price you pay.



We offer a variety of different sized tree stands, that are made from no-break, prime, automotive-grade polypropylene, and heavy gauge steel fasteners. Our Cinco tree stands out perform and outclass any other stand and are designed to hold, at a minimum, enough water to meet the daily needs of most Christmas trees. Proudly made in the USA!



When you visit our tree lot, our employees will carry your tree to our cutting area and making a fresh cut to the bottom of the tree to ensure maximum water absorption. We will then place your tree in our baling machine, which wraps the tree and makes for easier transport. Lastly, we will secure your tree to your vehicle... and we provide the twine, so no need to bring your own!



Should you have a specific request, we gladly accept special orders for items (including trees, wreaths and garland). We work with numerous government organizations, community groups, churches and schools, so feel free to contact us so that we may assist with your special event or request!

Christmas Wreath


All of our wreaths are handmade from our very own Christmas tree trimmings and are made fresh daily. We offer wreaths ranging in size from 8" to 50" in diameter, as well as double sided wreaths. We also have fresh garland available in 25, 50 or 75 foot lengths, in White Pine, Fraser Fir or Mixed varieties. In addition to wreaths and garland, we also have mantle and window spray, mailbox swags, cross and candy cane arrangements, as well as tabletop decor. Should you need a specialty item, please contact us to order.



There are many other items that we provide to help extend the life of your tree, as well as to care for your tree. Such items are watering spouts, floor protecting trays, tree nutrient/preservative and more. All of the products are also made in America!



If you are unable to transport your tree or need assistance in setting your tree in the stand at home, you can take advantage of our delivery service. Delivery cost is dependent upon distance of the residence from our Morganton lot. Contact us to discuss scheduling and rates.

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