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About Us

King's Christmas Trees was founded in 1981, by owners, Jeff and Brenda King.  Jeff's interest in the Christmas tree industry began when he helped a couple of close friends sell trees during the holiday season. During this time, the King's opened a small-engine repair shop, and when Christmas-time rolled around, Jeff decided to also offer a handful of the Fraser Fir trees he had grown to love. If there's one thing you should know about Jeff, his entrepreneurial heart is sure to keep him searching for new adventures. Fast forward several years, and the King family was knee-deep in the Christmas tree business.

In addition to operating King's Christmas Trees, Jeff owns King's Construction and a beekeeping supply store, King Bee. Brenda worked in the health care field for 19 years before making the decision to pursue her love for photography, and went on to open her current business, Brenda King Photography. Jeff and Brenda have two children, Brent and Jessica, who are very involved in the day-to-day operations of the family business. Both children are married to wonderful spouses and Jeff and Brenda now answer to "Pops/Papaw and Mimi" to their four precious grandchildren. 

With now having 40 years of experience, King's Christmas Trees has grown and evolved throughout the years, but one thing has remained the same.  The excitement of seeing returning customers who have become friends, and serving new families each year brings about a joy that only the Christmas season can. The King family is thankful for the blessings that God has given them, and they feel that this business is an opportunity to serve others while remembering the true Reason for the season. They share a great big "THANK YOU" for the many wonderful years of your support! God bless!

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